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Provides real-time vehicle
shipping quotes

Enables inventory

Expedites vehicle

Increases dealer

Engages ready-to-buy

Easy dealer website


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Streamline your operations and improve your sales effectiveness

Ship Guy’s Dealer Portal offers:

Dynamic pricing and real-time database for instant quoting

Improved efficiencies with centralized management

Free multi-user access

Inventory controls

Just-in-time notifications

Enhanced reporting to track all transport stages and profits

Why should my auto company utilize Ship Guy Business Solutions?

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The Ship Guy Business Solutions Portal Onboarding Process

Introduction call with a Ship Guy representative
Dealership fills out business info sheet to establish credit line and billing terms
Ship Guy emails your dealership our W-9 and COI
Ship Guy develops your customer portal(Estimated time - less than two weeks)
Ship Guy representative trains portal admin/employees to leverage features for maximum impact